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The Egyptian Universities Network manages the necessary infrastructure to reserve, register, operate and renew domain names under the Egyptian domain (eg.) since 1991 through the domain names registration sector (eg registry sector). The Egyptian Universities Network follows the Supreme Council of Universities at the Ministry of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research.

– Enhancing and upgrading the provision of domain registration service under the Egyptian domain (.eg).

- Emphasis on providing the domain registration service in a secure, stable and continuous manner.

– Providing everything that helps and ensures an increase in the number of domains registered under the domain (.eg).

- Develop and implement the rules and policies governing the domain registration process under the Egyptian domain (.eg).

- Developing and implementing procedures for registration under all subdomains under the Egyptian domain (.eg).

- Managing and operating the servers and infrastructure necessary to register and operate Egyptian domains securely, ensuring work 24 hours a day throughout the year.

- Creating a subdomain under the Egyptian domain in line with the needs of the Internet community in Egypt.

- Participate in the efforts made locally, regionally and internationally to activate the use of the Arabic language in domain names.

– Active participation in meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the concerned authorities regionally and internationally in everything related to the higher domains of countries.