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General Terms

– Registering a domain name does not give any legal rights or intellectual property to this name, but it gives an exclusive license to use the domain name for a specified period.

– The network is not responsible for resolving disputes over the registration of domain names.

– The network is not a party to any legal dispute arising from the content of the domain.

– The network’s acceptance of a request to register a specific domain name – does not imply endorsement or support of the documents submitted with the registration request.

– It is not permissible to use the site in a way that violates generally accepted values and morals.

– It is not permissible to use the site in what offends countries, cities or legal persons.

– It is not permissible to use the site in a way that contradicts or offends monotheistic religions, public morals, order, and the prevailing custom in society.

– The purpose of registering a domain name may not be to trade it later (sale or lease).

– The network reserves the right to cancel the registration of any domain if it finds that the registrant has violated any of the rules, policies and regulations applicable to domain registration.

– The registration applicant is obligated to inform the network of any changes that may occur to the technical or administrative information related to domain registration, which are included in the registration form.

– These policies and rules are subject to review by the network from time to time.