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Register a new domain

   – Conducting a (search) to ensure that the name can be registered under the required domain.

– Complete the form and registration form available on the page.

– Attach the required documents according to the domain type.

– Sending the required documents by e-mail to or by fax (+202 35706471)

– Pay the subscription fee according to the registration period.

An email will be sent from the network registration officer within two days of the date of the request to confirm the completion of the required domain registration.

Please download the attached files:

– Registration form, Click here

To register a new domain in accordance with the new rules (to know the new rules, click here). If a sub-domain is available for the entity with the same name to be registered, the following must be followed:

– Using the electronic form to facilitate the registration process, using the link and identification code sent by the entity’s e-mail.